Welcome to coda, the online presence of Damien du Toit, an internet professional based in the Capital of Africa.

With over 15 years of industry experience and an established network of professional resources, I provide a diverse range of creative and technical solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from startups to global brands, and extreme athletes to Grammy® award winners.

Working primarily within digital and print, my areas of focus include information architecture, user experience and interface design, brand identity design, client- and server-side development, and database design. I strive to develop a user experience that is functional, intuitive, usable and accessible, balanced with an equally effective and engaging interface.

I embrace technology, web standards, support the open source movement, and actively contribute to the social web.

I'm based in Cape Town: the oldest city in South Africa, the most southern city in Africa, a cosmopolitan mecca rich in culture and heritage, a biodiversity hotspot, a place where two oceans meet, and a region regarded as one of the most beautiful and popular holiday destinations in the world. This is where I find my inspiration.

My interests are varied and ever-changing, but there are two constants: photography and music. When I'm not supporting my favourite bands, organising pub crawls, touring the winelands, or sampling shots of Mexican-themed liquor while simultaneously attempting to perfect the moonwalk, then I enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle: swimming, running, hiking, biking, surfing and camping. I'm mildly obsessed with claw machines and tetris. And the rest, is history.